Grand Format Printing
We have a plethora of printers on site, the first is the magnificent Durst Rho 320R U.V. Grand Format Printer which prints up to a width of 3200mm on various medias, including Vinyl, Bannergrade PVC and Artist’s Canvas or even folding Box Board, it also has the capability to print white underscore to give added vibrance to transparent medias.

Large Format Printing
Our Large Format Printers begin with the Durst P-10 160 Flatbed U.V. Printer, which prints up to a width of 1600mm, with extremely high image quality and colour density. It also prints directly to a multitude of substrates. WE also have the HP Latex 360 Printer, which provides high quality and durability even without a seal.
Moving on we have the HP DesignJet Z6200 Pigment printer. This machine offers photo print quality at incredibly high speed, we use these mainly for popups, pullups and photo quality output.